Juggling balls

You have heard the term, “I am juggling a lot of balls.” The person means that they have a lot going on in their life and have “a lot of balls in the air.”

I met with a client DJ Rama this week for lunch and he said something about this subject that I thought was very insightful and so very true. The balls we usually juggle are centered around business, family, religion and health. He said to me that some of the balls are rubber and some are glass. I stopped and looked at him when I understood the very simple, yet very true meaning.

We assume all the balls are rubber and if dropped they will bounce back. This is not true. Business and religon are rubber balls and if you drop them, you just pick them up and start again. The family and health balls are made of glass. Once they drop, they break and can never be picked back up.

This is a very good image of our lives that we need to listen to and hear. All the “balls” you are juggling in your life are not the same. We often think that tomorrow will be just like today and next week will be just like this week. People think their children and their spouse will always be there and if you messed up this week you will always have next week. That ball is glass and if you drop and break it, you may never get it back.

When people pass away they always leave behind plans of what they were going to do that day or next week or next year. When they leave this earth, all the plans end. That ball is glass and once it drops and breaks, you never get it back.

My client’s point was very direct. Make sure you know which of the balls are the important ones and which of the balls are not. Don’t drop the glass ones because they will not bounce back. Happy Easter. KT

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