In every organization, group, business or church there is an 80-10-10 rule. It simply says that 10% of the people are leaders and visionaries for the group, 80% are maintainers and then the final 10% are inhibitors.

Let’s take them by title. The 10% leaders, they are the ones who set the example, serve on committees, share ideas and believe in the future growth of the organization. The 80% are very important because they make up the bulk of the organization and they also believe in the growth of the organization and will serve where asked. They are faithful to the future of the group. The only difference between the leaders and the maintainers, are the maintainers don’t want a leadership role but will put their support behind the ideas and future of the organization.

This brings me to the inhibitors. They are in every company and every organization and they are easy to spot. They are easy to spot because they never agree with any change or any idea and are usually the ones that talk behind behind everyone’s back. They look good, smell good but they basically have “stinking thinking.” The sooner they can be identified and marginalized the better for the organization. They will always be there and will always be involved but it is critical to the organization that they not be in leadership roles. They are the ones that gossip, talk down the organization and they try to carry as many people with them as they can. They are the ones that you see whispering their brand of thinking to anyone that will listen.

Like everything in life you need to decide what category you are in. If you are an inhibitor, you simple need to move to a company or organization where you can have a positive impact and feel that you are a part of something good instead of tearing down the company you are with. This is not scriptural, but I think when God sees us gossip and when he sees his children acting in such a non-Christian manner, it particularly hurts his feelings.

We all want to be where we are wanted and respected and where we feel we are a part of what is going on. My advice is to find a place where you can be in the 90% that celebrate the organization doing well. KT

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