When your heart is telling you to be careful

For all Christians, I believe the lord talks to you through your heart. I am not talking about the beating heart, rather the spiritual heart. When you are moving too fast in a certain direction, I believe you will get this “check” or “hitch” in your spirit. It tells you something is unsettled in the direction you are going. The bible tells us that one of the definitions of God’s wisdom is that it is peaceable. That means it is easy to welcome. When the wisdom is uneasy or you feel unsettled, it is best to back away from the direction you are going.

I have made some big business blunders (like the fast food restaurants) when I felt this “hitch” in my spirit and still moved forward. That little restaurant decision costs me eight years of financial hardship and almost forced me into bankruptcy back in the early 1990’s. If I had stopped and pulled back and asked God for his wisdom, it would have kept me from a lot of heartache.

If we are honest with ourselves, I believe we know deep in our spirit if we have a green light, red light or a yellow light. Green means go, red means stop and the every elusive yellow light means caution and to be alert and be very careful. These handing lights we see in intersections across America were not meant to be spiritual, but I believe they represent a good example of the three answers we receive from God. Stop, go and be careful. KT

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  1. That “hitch” you talk about has saved me many times. Thank you for your lessons and sharing your wisdom.

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