Laying it in God’s hands

This is a tough thing to do. For me it is but maybe not for you. We want to control the outcome and be in charge and make all the decisions.

At some point with our personal lives and our professional lives we need to learn how to lay it in God’s hands. That doesn’t mean you stop doing what you should be doing. It just means that once you have done all you can do, that’s really all you can do. It’s really not complicated. Difficult, but not complicated.

It is like the guy that prays for a job, lays it in God’s hands and then stops trying to find a job. That’s not how it works. There is a term called “putting feet to your prayer.” This means that just because you prayed over something and laid it in God’s hands that you can quit. It is more than that. It means that you try harder and believe harder that God will let his favor go before you and that his anointing will be on you.

I have often said that besides our salvation, all you need is his favor to get you there and then his anointing once you do.

It is like driving through the mountains around all the curves. You can’t see what is around the curve but you have the peace to know that you are in the right vehicle and on the right road. What is around the curve is God’s responsibility. Driving the car on the right road is your responsibility.

Jack Nicklaus is and was the greatest professional golfer of all time. He was being interviewed and he said that he never let himself believe how good he was. He always believed he was not doing the best he could and that he could do better. He said that once people start to believe that they have arrived, they quit trying to improve. He never let himself believe all the reporters and news articles that were written about him. And oh by the way, he held his life together and keep his principles and is and was a great family man and he didn’t let ego have a place in his life. That is a pretty good example.

Whatever you are struggling with, get in a quiet place and lay it in God’s hands and then go out and put feet to your prayer. KT

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