When faced with the reality of life

In the past week we have lost 2 people we knew that were both well younger than me. I also saw a young man at the grocery store who I have known for some years and he is paralyzed from the waist down and in a wheelchair.

One of the friends we lost was riding a motorcycle over the weekend and sitting still at a red light when he was hit from behind by a drunk driver. He was 53 years old and was full of life. The other gentleman was late 40’s and passed away due to illness. The young man at the grocery store is probably mid 30’s and has been in a wheelchair for the 8-10 years I have known him.

These are just a few recent examples and I am sure you know some as well.

At some point in all of our lives we need to stop, pause, keel and say a heartfelt prayer of thanksgiving for how blessed we are to be alive and in health. KT

One thought on “When faced with the reality of life

  1. AMEN !!!! In the morning when I realize my eyes are open and I am alive, sometimes I cry because I am so overwhelmed that God loved me enough to give me another day. Other times I just begin to praise Him for my life.

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