What do diamonds, diapers, divorce and death have in common?

They may not need a hotel broker, but they are pretty good signs someone may need a real estate agent. Ha

In the personal space, people may change their housing needs if one of these four events happen. Two are joyous occasions and the other two are sad occasions. Nonetheless, life evolves and needs change, hence a real estate agent can be a source of help.

In the hotel world, the events are, personal age, financial markets, age of property, foreclosure, and death. I have been involved in many hotel sales where one of these five events was the reason for selling a hotel. Sometimes it is just the desire to own something newer, like buying a new car when the one you have works fine.

In my line of work, the main thing I try to understand is, why. If you can understand the “why” most times, we can understand the how. With all decisions in life, “why”, is the most important factor. Many of life’s decisions would change if we were just honest with ourselves about the why. Its ok to just say, “I want it” but saying that out loud sometimes can change the outcome and alter the decision. Being honest about the “why” is probably the best advice any counselor or advocate could help a person determine.

As you go through your day today and a decision needs to be made, start with the “why” and it will make the decision process much easier. KT

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