Oakland Cemetery

Several weeks ago, my two daughters and I had a daddy daughter (s) day and saw some attractions together. One of those was the Oakland Cemetery near downtown Atlanta. All the years I have lived here, I had never taken a tour of the famous cemetery.

When you arrive, you realize this is not just a graveyard where Atlanta’s famous people are buried, but this is the final resting place for people and families from all socioeconomic backgrounds. The oldest graves date back to the mid-1800’s all the way up till today. There was a large section with civil war graves from both union and confederate troops, individual graves as well as entire family plots. Some of the family plots had three generations of the same family. There were also many family mausoleums that held several generations of its descendants. Most had the family name on the outside because they were prominent citizens of the time.

We went into one of the mausoleums and it was all concrete with tiled floor and ornate marble walls and constructed to last for 100’s of years. In the middle/back were the parent’s vaults and around the sides were the children and what was probably even grandchildren. That image has captured my thoughts for the past few weeks. I am guessing this family was wealthy and prominent and wanted their family name to be remembered. The sad truth is no one except for their generational family, remembers who they were. Looking at three generations and the dates on the grave markers makes you realize how temporary this life really is. Here I was in 2023 looking at three or four generations of the same family and I am sure during their life, they probably all thought their life, linage and heritage was important and would be remembered for all time. Unfortunately, life happens and memories fade.

What is my point you ask? Spend the time you have doing true, honest and meaningful things with your life. Teach your children what honor and respect means. Show them by your living example, how to do life. Hug and kiss them every single time you see them and tell them you love them. Make a difference in their life before the good lord calls you home and you have a beginning date and an ending date on your tombstone. KT   

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  1. Even the wealthiest members of society, regardless of the cost of their burial site, all end up where the lowliest of citizens lie–dead. It is the fate of us all.

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