Look back

The other evening, we were watching a movie and there was a scene where the guy was retiring from his job. He had already loaded most of his personal effects in his car and came back for the last box. As he was walking out the door the last time, he paused at the door and looked back. I am sure he was remembering all the good moments through the years.

It is that “look back” that I dread. That moment when you realize your life as you know it has changed. The retirement train is coming for all of us at some point, but some of us are not ready to get to the station.

I think one of the keys to making that step easier is to feel that you have made a difference and that you leave having accomplished something good for yourself and your family. Many people are forced into retirement, and they don’t have a chance to properly adjust and get acclimated to the change.  They are there one day at work and the next, out of a job.

A very smart person (my oldest daughter) once told me to have the next thing already lined up before you leave. She said, it will give you meaning and purpose and allow you to adjust to the change. Pretty smart. A dear friend of mine just announced he was retiring and after a few tears, we wished each other the very best. He and his wife already have several trips planned and he seems to be handing the adjustment well. That is the way it is supposed to be.

Have plans, have goals, have dreams you want to pursue, and it will help you move into that next arena of a life well lived. KT

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