What a wonderful life

Jimmy Stewart was the main actor in the 1946 classic movie, it’s a wonderful life. At the end of the movie, Jimmy Stewart realized that he had in fact, touched other people’s lives and had helped those around him and would be remembered for having lived a good life.

I don’t know if this is true or not, but I believe when people get close to the end of life, that they don’t talk about money, houses and cars. They don’t talk about those things because they no longer matter when one is facing mortality. At a funeral you never see a picture of the person’s car or a picture of his office or and their sales trophies. Why is that? Well, I believe it is because the most important things in life are not purchased with money. They are your spouse, your children, your grandchildren, your friends and those people closest to you.

This week I have been able to see each of my immediate family members at least once. What a gift that is. I have been able to hug and kiss (except the son on-laws) each person and tell each of them that I love them. I heard a person talking lately about all the relationships they would fix and or change if they only have a few days to live. I can honestly say, my family knows I love them because I tell them each time and there isn’t any unresolved issues.

So when I think about the Jimmy Stewart movie, I am reminded of what a wonderful life God has given me. KT

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