Ford Lightning truck

Last year, I had a chance to trade an old Chevy truck I had in on a Ford Lightning truck. I did not hesitate and just said ok.

A Ford Lightning is a short bed step side Ford truck with a 5.4 litter V8 with a factor installed super charger. Ford built the truck (new version) for only six years from 1999- 2004 and it is a fairly rare vehicle. A super charger is a belt driven air induction system on top of the engine intake that takes an already potent engine and makes it something really special.

The one I have is a red 2002 that has never been wrecked or even significantly scratched and I love it!

The other day I took it to the grocery store about a mile from my house and I barked the tires four times before I could get to the store. Ha. I couldn’t help it! It is an automatic and when it grabs second gear, it sounds like a hound dog barking on the front porch. The other day I was down in the garage doing something and had to stop and just look at it for a while

Anyway, I am pretty sure there will be no cars in heaven but if there was a section for car enthusiasts, there would probably be line of Ford Lightnings. KT

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