You are David

The next time you are facing what seems to be a giant of an issue, look yourself in the mirror and say out loud to yourself, you are David. The next time it seems like you have failed, it seems like you have made a wrong turn in life, it seems like you have made a mistake, it seems like the world is closing in on you, it seems like you have lost your joy, it seems like life is too big of a giant, remember the story of David and say out loud to yourself, I Am David.

The full story of David would take 10 pages to write so I will try to summarize. The prophet Samuel was led by the lord to choose the next king of Israel. He was told by the lord that this king would be Jessie’s son. He shows up at Jessie’s house to see the king. One by one, Jessie’s sons came to meet him and one by one, Samuel knew they were not the chosen one. Finally after all the sons had been interviewed Samuel asked Jessie, “Are these all your sons?” Jessie replied that the youngest and least (don’t miss that) is in the field. Jessie called for this son to come to house and it was David, the chosen.

Sometime later the armies of Israel were getting ready for battle with the Philistine army and the Philistines had this giant named Goliath who would come out daily to taunt the Israelites saying “choose a man and have him come fight me, If he is able to kill me, we will become your subjects and serve you but if I kill him, you will become our subjects and serve us.” All the mighty men of the Israelite army were afraid. In comes David bringing the soldiers lunch and hears what Goliath says. Long story short, he tell the army’s, “I will go fight him.” The smallest and weakest among the mighty men said basically, get out of my way and I will kill and deliver the giant to you. Verse 45 of 1st Samuel 17 is what David shouted as he ran toward the Giant. Yes, he picked up his slingshot and ran toward (don’t miss this) the giant and shouted, “you come against me with sword and spear, but I come against you in the name of the lord almighty.”

David slew the giant that day with a slingshot and saved his country. The next time you think you are not equipped to battle life and that you are not up to the challenge, remember David. This was not just a story in the bible for the sake of having a story. It is the example God wants for you and me to fight the giants in our life and to do so with courage, boldness, confidence and a right purpose. So, the next time you are feeling a little ill-equipped, small, weak, afraid and shy, remember David and say out loud, I AM David. KT

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  1. Bless God that all my Mother’s children have been called into the house. At different times in each of our lives we have been chosen to rise up and cut off the head of our giant. I love you brother.

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