Them, without me

Them, without me

Have you ever had a thought cross your mind for the first time and you think, where did that come from? Well, that happened to me the other day. It is a little morbid but as I thought it through, I realized that at some point in most everyone’s life, they have this same thought and concern so I decided to address it in this blog.

The thought that crossed my mind was, if I should pass away early from this life, is my family ready? Have I prepared for this possibility? Have I told them what they need to know from their husband, dad and father in-law. Have I set a good example for them to follow? Are financial matters in order? Have I taught them how to live right and honest and straightforward? Have I lead them to the Lord? Have I poured into their lives what a proper dad and husband should have done?  In short, will my wife, my daughters, my son in-laws and grand babies be ok if I am not here?

How is that for a wake-up thought? Ha

So, that day I started doing a mental checklist on the questions above. While there could be improvement in the status in each area, I felt comfort knowing that I have poured enough into my wife, daughters, son in-laws and grand babies that they could go on without me. They are incredibly strong, intelligent, resilient and beautiful and they will handle life in the greatest manner.

As you read this blog ask yourself, is my family ready? Have I done what I am supposed to do to get them prepared? The good news is, if you are reading this, it means you are still with us and there is still time to get the “them” in our lives ready. KT

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