We live in a world where we have begun to care too much about what other people think. With social media, there are people that take pictures of their dinner and post it on-line and open themselves up for other people to comment and or approve of what they eat. Between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google + etc. it is like we need the approval or at least the acknowledgement from other people on what we are doing.

Then there are the people (family and friends) we know that feel the absolute need to tell you what they think about what you are doing. Sometimes you listen to them and sometimes you don’t but the times when they clearly are melding in your personal business, you just pat them on arm and tell them how much you appreciate their opinion and then walk away and forget everything they just said. Ha. It is funny how some people want to tell everyone else how to run their life when the person doing the talking can’t run their own life.

This may be old school but I believe the only comment you need to care about is what God thinks. If we are honest with ourselves, we know before we do something whether God will be pleased or not. There is very little gray area in doing what is right.

Here is a perfect example of a hotel comment on trip advisor I heard last week from a friend. One guest writes “I hated this hotel because there were kids everywhere at the pool and all they served for food was macaroni & cheese and hotdogs. Stay away from this hotel.” The next guest writes “we have four kids and loved the hotel because the pool was kid friendly and they served macaroni & cheese and hotdogs. I would recommend this hotel to anyone.”

See what I mean? It’s all about the perspective.

We would do well to keep what we do in life away from social media and the inevitable comments that we ask for. The comment you receive is largely centered around how that person’s life is going and how their day has gone. The comment you really need to be aware of and listen to is what God thinks. KT

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