Direction versus intention

The other day I heard a pastor speak on this topic and it rang true for me, so I wanted to give my take on the subject.

Direction versus intention is an often a misunderstood idea. Just because you say “I wanted to,” “I intended to,” I meant to,” go one direction in your life doesn’t really mean that much. It is really about the actual direction you are going. It’s like if you are in Atlanta and you want to go to Florida but your car is pointed north, it really doesn’t matter what you intended to do, rather it only matters the actual direction you are heading. Make sense?

I am a hotel broker and we sell hotels. Over the years, I have given a speech to other brokers more times than I can count. It is the same exact philosophy as the Florida example. It goes like this. Pick your financial objective for the year, divide the income by the average income per sale. Divide that by the number of deals you must have on the market and then divide that by the number of pitches you must make and you will know the number of annual calls you need to make in order to earn what you set out to earn. Then lastly, divide that annual number by 52 weeks and you have then solved the way to hit your financial objective. When you do this, you know the number of calls you need to make today. When you don’t make the calls today and tomorrow, you in effect are announcing now that you really didn’t intend to make your annual goal. You don’t have to wait six months. If you are honest with yourself, you know today what your true intentions were.

The point you ask? In sales, you can have all the intentions and desires you want, but if you are unwilling to make the calls today and tomorrow (point your car toward Florida) you will not meet your desired destination. I cannot tell you how many times I have brokers in my office in September unsure why they don’t have more on the books. When I review with them what they did earlier in the year, it becomes clear that they and they alone decided earlier in the year to be right where they are.

So, with all this explanation ask yourself, what is my true intentions for my family, finances, education, work, health and general life? Then listen not to what you SAY you want, rather look at the actual direction you are heading. KT

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