Rolling up your mental sleeves

I have a close friend who recently retired because he just could not face another economic down cycle. The economy today is on the cusp of something happening. I just don’t know what it is. I used to have some sense of what was coming but with all the noise today, I think my antennas have quit working.

No one saw 911 or the 08-09 recession or the pandemic or double interest rates coming. The greatest minds in the world did not these coming so I am always skeptical when some big talker acts like he has a crystal ball into the future. With all the stuff going on today like social unrest, China, Russia, crime, elections, inflation, and interest rates, it just “feels” like something is going to happen.

Clearly, you and I do not control the outcome of up-cycles and down-cycles, but we can control our attitude and decisions we make. The name of this blog post is, “rolling up your mental sleeves,” and other similar terms are “lacing up your boots,” “squaring your shoulders back,” “cowboy up” and my personal favorite (from the bible) “grid up your loins.” Ha. All these metaphors mean to simply be aware, be wise and prepare yourself.

Every day I go to the office and talk about 10 percent interest rate debt on hotels, I have to roll up my mental sleeves to get ready. As with all up cycles and all down cycles, this too shall pass, but roll up your sleeves and get on with living the life God has planned for you. KT

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