New York Hotel Investment Conference

I just returned from the annual NY hotel investor conference. Every time I get on the plane to come home from New York, I feel like I need a shower. Its nasty, noisy and full of crazies and for the life of me, I don’t know how people live there.  The hotel I was staying in was in the middle of times square and the sidewalks were just filled with all manner of humanity and every year I realize more and more that I live in a bubble. I love God, country, family, honesty and clean living but in New York, that lifestyle is considered old, outdated and weird.

This will likely be my last NYU conference because I simply don’t enjoy it anymore. Our clients are getting younger and younger. When you are making a sales presentation, it is commonly referred to as a “pitch.” Well, after two days of “pitches” with 28-year old’s, I think it is time to let the younger brokers go to these conferences.  Ha

The highlight each year I go, is eating at Juniors restaurant at times square. Juniors is a 50’s style diner next to all the Broadway shows that has been operating for 70+ years now and the food is incredible. They have like 150 menu items but the one I always order is, don’t laugh,,,, the turkey and dressing dinner platter with real cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and gravy. It is divine so I always get it the night before the conference starts so I have the energy to deal with all the investment newbies/kiddies.

 Now, I see many people that I have known for years, and we always have a laugh but the real money in the room is all the young kids who work for public investment firms. So, if eating at Juniors is the highlight of a hotel investment conference,,,,, I guess that means it is time to stop going. Ha. KT

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