Making history

Father’s Day 2023 was this past weekend. I am always reminded what it means to make or create history for your family and give them what they need to make it in this world.

I love true sports movies like, The Express, 42, Rudy, Invincible, Blind Side, Miracle, Secretariat, to name a few. The list could go on. All the stories are about people that defied all odds to go on to success in their chosen sport. The same could be said about people in business such as Milton Hershey, John Heinz, Henry Ford, Dodge Brothers, Ray Kroc, etc. and of course some of the tech folks of today. They all made history in some form or another.

When I think about the term, “making history” and what it actually means, I have come away with several thoughts on the subject.

To your children, you are the hero, the history maker and the history teacher. They will remember how you loved them and went to the ballet recitals, dance classes, baseball games, volleyball games and football games. As they get older, they will remember the support you gave them growing up. Very few people will ever be a Jackie Robinson or Ernie Davis, but in our world, we are leading our families into history, and we all want that history to be fondly remembered

I was watching the US Open this weekend and I always think of Payne Stewart, who won the US Open on Father’s Day 1999. I have a picture in my office of him just after he made the putt on Pinehurst #2 to win the US open. So full of life. That October, he kissed his wife and kids goodbye and got on a plane that never got to where it was going. Payne Stewart stepped into history when he won the US Open, but he also stepped into history that October. His life was cut short and hopefully he was able to leave his children with enough of himself so they could go on through life.

My point is that you don’t have to do things that change the world. Rather, you just have to change your own world and be the example for your family to follow. Always, always hug and kiss your children, regardless of how old they become because you are making history and memories that will last their lifetime. You may never fully understand what unconditional love will do for a child, but it leaves an impression on their soul that can help them make good decisions as they grow older. It will help them step into history and have that history be full of great memories. Every day you live and breathe, you are making a memory that will stand the test of time. Why not choose to be the best history teacher you can possibly be. KT

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