Hope, the most important emotion

When you think about emotions, feelings and heart based impressions, I believe hope is the most important of all. Emotions can run the full spectrum from love and joy to anger and strife and everything in between.

I have read many authors on the subject of hope and where it comes from. There are no clear solutions on how to get hope, therefore I will give you my opinion.

I believe hope just like trust and faith come from your heart. By your heart, I mean your spirit within you that gives you expectation for the future. I believe it comes from that still small voice within you that calms you in a troubled time. Faith and Love are the now factors meaning they are for today. Hope is the emotion that tells you that tomorrow will be better.

I read a story today about a four year old little girl that with the help of her mom, has completed her bucket list. See, she is dying and her mother helped her do the things she wanted to do before she died. I read yesterday about a young lady 14 years old that is dying of Cystic Fibrosis and while her life expectancy is 17 years, she has decided she doesn’t want to go through it and is asking to be helped to go ahead and die.

I can’t talk about these two little girls because I don’t how to handle it.

How do you get and keep hope? It can be complicated or it can be simple. I like simple much better. I believe you have to ask God to renew your hope. Let me say that again, I believe you have to ask God to renew your hope. I am talking about literally opening your mouth and voicing these words to your heavenly father. “Lord, I am your child and you are my father and I ask you to renew my hope for the future. By faith I receive the knowing of my salvation and the hope for me and my family’s future.”

We cannot see into the spirit realm, but if we could, I believe that once that two sentence prayer leaves your lips, you would see almighty God lean forward and send a legion of angels to cover your world and to see to it that his child has a renewed hope for their future. I believe hope is simply a prayer away. KT

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