A little bit at a time

Many of the changes in our lives occur a little bit at a time. The important changes in our lives take time. Let’s look at a few examples. Health, finances, education, business and the way we think are just a few. These all take time to improve and change in our life.

You can’t go from poor health to good health in a week. Many people try with these 7 day diets, but almost 100% of those fail. If you are in sales, it just takes time get traction and develop relationships and build a pipeline of business. In your finances, it is very unlikely you will go from need to oversupply in a few months. All these aspects of our lives take time and consistent behavior.

My mentor Harmon Born was speaking to our church years ago about giving and tithing. In that church like many churches, there were plaques and name plates around the church where someone gave once to a project years ago and had their name engraved on a plaque. Many times that person gave once to get their name on the plaque and then didn’t give anymore. I remember Harmon saying one time that what we need is a plaque that recognizes the weekly giver that gives consistently and not just for one time givers.

Your life, your church, your finances, your health, your joy, your peace are all a product of consistency in our lives. There are many people looking for the quick deal, the quick way or the quick fix to their situation. Most of these attempts fail to have a lasting effect on us.

With our brokers at Hotel AG, the long term stability of our business is showing up for work and consistently making calls every week. The brokers that rely on past efforts for present gain usually end up leaving this line of work. We have one broker that consistently will out work and out call everyone else and it is no surprise that that broker has the biggest pipeline of business and is more successful than many of the others.

We had an employee one time years ago at another firm I was with that decided one weekend to go have liposuction as a quick fix to her weight situation. Well, her idea was that if a little liposuction was a good thing than a lot of liposuction would be even better. What could go wrong with this plan? She left one Friday and had liposuction surgery in about 7 places on her body and just about died that next week. It is this kind of thinking that I am talking about.

So as you look at where you are in life, I believe the secret is to make a decision to change and then create in your heart an achievable consistent plan to systematically day by day move toward your target. Move a little bit at a time toward your goal and the likelihood of your long term success is much greater. KT

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