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In real estate if you are a licensed agent or broker, you have to complete continuing education every 4 years. Each state has its own criteria but it is a generally accepted rule that in order for you to continue in real estate you have to complete the education. Most of it is done online but there is also classes you can attend

This week I had to do 30 hours of continuing education for our Oregon real estate license. I believe I would rather have a prostate exam or have my nose hairs pulled than to have to do continuing education. Ha.

The only way I could get through it was to give it a spiritual application and thought process. It is like if you need to have surgery, you want your surgeon to be fully up to date with his knowledge and techniques. Right? Same thing for the CPA that prepares your taxes or the lawyer that represents you. You want to know that that person that you have entrusted is fully prepared to help you.

If you are a mechanic on cars or trucks, this also applies with each new model year as you will need to get educated or knowledgeable on the new models. This certainly is true over in social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) as that market changes every day with new options to reach people. Don’t even get me started on Microsoft changing the operating format for outlook emails that you have to learn. This is the dumbest thing because there is some little 100 lb. tech guy that decides what we all need is a totally new format instead of just an updated version of what we already know. Can I get an amen to that?

Anyway, why is then that over in the spiritual realm that we are ok with learning something 30 years ago and assuming it is as fresh in our consciousness as it was then? See, we need to make sure that the fundamental beliefs we had and have are still in our hearts. A little continuing education over in the spiritual realm is a good thing and needed thing to make sure we are confident in our faith. The bible says that “faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God.” The interpretation is one of “continual hearing.” So if your faith is based on hearing the words (reading the bible) 30 years ago, it may do you good to get a fresh revelation by rereading what you already know.

So make continuing education a part of your spiritual journey as well as your physical journal. KT

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