Get hired and don’t get fired

Whether you think about this in context or not, getting hired and not getting fired is what we all strive for. Ha. Whatever your job is or whoever you work for, your main objective is to keep the job. You keep the job by being honest, hardworking, results oriented, helpful, and smart and being an advocate for the business. You lose the job or the business when you quit trying

In our business of selling hotels there are several important objectives. First and foremost is to do what you say you will do and to do it when you say you will. We do not have a crystal ball and cannot say with certainty what a hotel will actually sell for but we do try as best we can to give an expected value range in advance.

Another very important objective we have is to get hired and not get fired. What I mean by this is to be engaged to sell a hotel and throughout the sales process to keep the client informed and satisfied with you and your marketing efforts. Sometimes it takes longer to consummate a sale than originally expected. It is in those situations when you need to have extensions on your engagement agreement and your hope is that the client agrees to an extension because of the effort you have expended on his behalf.

It is my guess that many businesses and jobs are like this where you need to make yourself invaluable to the process. A common tendency in a job is to take it easy if the business is slow or there is not enough orders to keep everyone busy. I think it is in those times when you need to work your hardest to find work that helps you stay busy. Let’s say you work in a warehouse for example and the orders are light that day. Instead of sitting down and shooting the bull with the other people, start sweeping up or organizing shelves or any such number of activities that will make you look good when the boss comes around. He sees 5 guys just hanging out and 1 working, who do you think he will keep employed.

So the objective whether you are a hotel salesman, employee, mayor or a pastor of a church is to be honorable to yourself and your boss and always try to do your best so you can keep the job. KT

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