One yard line of life

I was on the phone today with one of our sellers and I said something that I had not planned to say. In business there are financial reasons for a decision and then there are personal reasons. The personal reasons in my experience outweigh the financial.

In the call, I told him about our granddaughters spending last night at our house and how this morning while I was drinking coffee, they both crawled up in my lap. I looked down at my babies and knew at that moment, this would be a memory I would carry for the rest of my life. I went on to tell our client that many selling decisions are about more than just money. I told him that when I get to the one yard line of life before being called home, I will not be thinking about our call together but I would be thinking about that morning in 2016 when both of my grand babies were sitting in my lap together.

Perspective is a powerful thing that God gives us along the way to keep us in line. In the decisions you make this week, month and year, try as best you can to add a little perspective to why you are making that decision. KT

2 thoughts on “One yard line of life

  1. You call it “perspective”. I have always called it “proportion” as in weighing just how important is something to you in the broader scheme of things. Too often we give tremendous weight to things that have the true impact of a feather. We allow the forces of our world to load “lead” onto things when we could just have easily seen them for what they truly are/were — feathers in life. It has taken a long time for me to simply embrace the adage of counting to ten before reacting or making a decision. This very simply device in life has given me the opportunity to consider “proportion” as part of the process. Love you man.

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