Course correction

Not all course corrections are bad. Some in fact, save your life and put you in the place God can best use you.

Let’s say you are a college ball player who is destined to pay pro ball. Your hopes and dreams are all rolled up in the life you envision as a pro athlete. What if you get hurt and can’t play anymore? What do you do then?

Let’s say the company you have worked for many years gets sold or goes out of business. What do you do then?

Let’s say there are unexpected health issues. What do you do then?

Let’s say you lose your business or your job or you get transferred to another state. What do you do then?

Let’s say a friend or family member betrays or lies to you. What do you do then?

What I am trying to say is that the “then” in all these situations is where reality meets life. I have a plaque handing on my wall of Payne Stewart winning the US Open in June 1999. That October he boarded a private Learjet in Orlando heading to Dallas. Everyone on board died when there was a fault in the Oxygen supply on the plane. 4 hours later the plane ran out of fuel and crashed in South Dakota.

On the plaque hanging on my wall is a statement by Payne Steward. He said, “The thing about dreams is sometimes you get to live them out.” Payne didn’t get to live out his dreams. In the example above, the college athlete who got hurt didn’t get to live out his either. What happens then?

Why am I telling you this? Not every course correction is bad but they all make you look deep at what is important in your life. Many times the course correction enables you to do something else you would have never imagined yourself doing.

I had a course correction in 1990 when I almost went broke in the restaurant business that forced me to find something else to do. That is how I became a hotel broker. God knew all along that I was not supposed to be in the restaurant business, rather I was supposed to be a hotel broker. It took the loss of one direction to get my attention and move me in another direction.

So, not every course correction is bad. God knows where he wants you to be and you just have to be ok with his direction and not yours. KT

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  1. I find that course corrections can be really hard at the time, but then you look back and see how God saved you from something much worse if you had stayed on that course. Once you realize things like that you get to see where you were, how far you have come, and where you are now.

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