Returning every call

In business there is probably not a more endearing trait that people respect more than a person who returns phone calls. Not just returns them, but returns them before they leave for the day.

Somewhere in business school there must have been a class I missed where the teacher decided that proper business etiquette includes, ignoring and not returning phone calls. When you do this, it tells the caller that they are not as important as you think you are. I supposed it is entirely possible that I am just old school but a man by the name of Carl D. Silver made a huge impression on me 27 years ago. I was a no-body in the hotel business and Carl was a very successful commercial real estate developer and owner in Fredericksburg VA.

I remember 27 years ago, I called Carl’s office and left a message. I was at my desk around 5pm when I get this call from Carl Silver. He returned my call even thought I was a no-body and it made an impression on me and taught me how business ought to be conducted. Over the next several years I would periodically call Carl and I could set my watch that he would return every call before he left for the day. Now some would say that is an old fashioned and out of date practice but I say it is handling business with class.

The bible says to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I believe this simple business practice of returning every call every day will make an impression on people you deal with and will let that person know that they are important enough for your time. Carl passed away a few years ago but I have no doubt that I am merely one of many people that he made an impression on. KT

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