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Did you know that Satan has his own video channel? He stores up all your past failures, missteps and embarrassments and he replays them as often as you will allow him. His goal is to keep you from achieving God’s best for your life. He uses fear as his main weapon and the weapon is the replaying of your past failures. When you watch (spiritually speaking of course) an old video of one of your failures, it holds you in the past and destroys your confidence and self-esteem. His plan is simple, keep you looking back with regret and guilt instead of forward with hope.

I will give you a minute to read that paragraph again.

That’s not to say that all fear is bad. Some fears (better renamed as respect) can keep you from doing some foolish thing again that was dangerous. I pause to remember the time I put on a pair of water skis and tied a ski rope to back of my friend’s truck to snow ski in the grocery store parking lot. Ha. Yep, that fear was not only real but assisted me in not ending up in the ER.

Fear of failure is debilitating. Its main purpose is to hold you in the past. If it goes unchecked and unresolved in your life, it does not stay dormant, it continues to grow and increase until you look up one day and realize it has paralyzed your life. I will not list the types of fear because we all know what they are and everyone reading this blog knows precisely the one that most threatens your joy. Everyone has one big giant.

The answer to fear is always complex, difficult and varies with every person but it always comes down to your act of will. You must be willing to fight the fear. Call the fear by name (use your words) out load. Speak to it. Tell the fear of ___ that it no longer has a place in your life. This is not hocus pocus magic, rather it is taken from God’s own word. Doing this one time is not enough, rather It must be done (said) many times when that fear threatens to come. If you are consistent in doing this, after a while the fear will show itself less and less until one day you look up and realize (by your will and words) you have defeated the giant in your life. KT

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  1. Amen. Killing giants can seem impossible at first, then like you said, soon you realize it’s dead. Love you brother.

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