The refrigerator door

This is a post I wrote several years ago and wanted to share it again. It is called the refrigerator door.

The life represented by the pictures and drawings hanging on your refrigerator door is much more important that what is hanging on your office wall. People, men especially seem to get this confused. If you are ever in doubt which is more important to you just look at what is hanging with magnets on your refrigerator door and it will remind of what is most important in your life.

At the office you can have all manner of awards, commendations, trophies, accolades and when you die all those things will be meaningless. The items hanging on your refrigerator door are what will mean the most to you when you get to the one yard line of life and began to look back over your years.

Recently, I was up alone reading at night and thinking about this very thing. I got up and walked over to our refrigerator door and began to look at our lives displayed with little magnets. I realized that right before me on the refrigerator door was the essence of my life and what I hold most dear. When I got to the office and looked at the items hanging on the walls, I realized that at my funeral none of those items will be displayed for the people to see. The items on the refrigerator door are the ones that will be seen as meaning the most to me.

Sometimes in life when the world is closing in and the lines between work and home began to merge and get confusing, step back and look at your refrigerator door. It will remind you of what is important and who is important and where you need to be focused during your living years. We all have to go to work if we want to eat and raise a family but work doesn’t have to be what identifies who you are and your self esteem does not have to be determined by your work. In fact, your greatest work is with the people pictured on your refrigerator door. KT

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