Having too many options to choose from

Remember when we (55+) were little kids and we would sit in floor and watch TV with our parents. Back then you had three channels to choose from. During a mid-week night at 7 o’clock, it was either Walter Concrete (ha, Walter Cronkite) Gunsmoke or Andy Griffith. That’s it. Three choices so you were happy with your choice because you didn’t feel like you were missing something else on the other channel.

Elaine and I have direct TV with 500+/- channels which is overload enough. Last weekend we decided we needed a Netflix account and then bought an Apple TV device to operate the Netflix account with. I am telling you right now there are so many options you can’t make up your mind. When you do decide what to watch, you keep thinking about what you might be missing on one of the other channels. Ha. The other night it took be 30 min just to look through all the options of what to watch. Back when we had three choices, it was easy and we were happy. Now we can watch a different show on the TV, the I-pad while holding a IPhone watching a ball game. It’s too much I’m telling ya!  It is so much that when you do narrow down the options and ask your spouse which one they want to watch, your spouse just says “whatever you want to watch” so I go back and watch Andy Griffith. Ha. KT

One thought on “Having too many options to choose from

  1. Keith, back in those days we also had the TV Guide to help us decide what to watch in advance. haha

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