Discover the why

In business and in life, if we can discover the why, we can usually discover the how.

I would venture to say that if the real reason you want to earn money is to spend it on yourself and buy things, you will fall short. I have met a lot of conceited people and self-centered people; while they may rise to the top for a season, you don’t see them there long-term.

Look at the pretty and popular ones from your high school. You know, the sports jock and the head cheerleader. At the time, they looked like their entire lives would be on autopilot. Ha. I recently saw someone like this from high school and God’s honest truth, I did not even recognize the person. They had lost all the high school sizzle and pizzazz. Now, they were just old and ugly. I’ve noticed that the more homely looking ones from high school are the very ones that today look great.

What does this have to do with discovering the why? I don’t know, but I got a chuckle out of it.

So, let’s say the reason you work hard is so your children will have a great example. The reason you volunteer at church is because you want to help others. The reason you give regularly to the children’s home is because you want to help. These are the kind of reasons that help drive you. While there are many people that say money is bad, I don’t know of a single children’s wing of a hospital or a child that is touched and helped through college without the use of money. I believe money is a gift from God, so long as it is used in its proper place and some good comes to others through it.

If there is a special need you want to give to, I find it is amazing how much more enjoyable your work becomes. It is because there is a reason that goes beyond just you. It will give you the purest joy.

Find something that you are passionate about and begin to give to it. Then, you will start to see your job or your business as the means to continue giving to it. It will make a difference in how you view your work and what you do. KT

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