Say what you will do and do what you say

One of the core philosophies at Hotel AG is to tell the client what you can do and then simply go do it. We do not tell hotel clients what they want to hear regarding the value of their hotel, rather we tell them what they need to hear. We do not want to tell a client a value that is above where we truly believe we can sell the asset for because we will be sitting in front of that same client 6 months later trying to explain why it didn’t work.

There are many things we all learned when we were little kids. Maybe we need a refresher course. A few things we learned are as follows:

Listen to the teacher

Play fair with others

Always tell the truth

No scratching or hitting

Use your inside voice

Never lie

Do the best you can

Don’t take things that aren’t yours

Hold hands and stick together

Those simple things we learned are all still good instructions for us as adults. Whatever your business is, it is still the simple things that determine whether you are successful or not and whether people trust and hire you. In our business, we believe people hire who they trust and like. We also believe that while phones, emails, texts are all good, we find the market maker is when you go see them in person. I believe when you get face-to-face is where the magic happens.

So, whoever you work for, whatever your company is, and regardless of your line of work, follow these same rules. I believe if you do these things, you will go further in your job, be more successful in what you do, and change more lives you come in contact with. KT

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