Imagine yourself in 10 years

If you really want to do something great for yourself and your family, get to a quiet place and imagine yourself in 10 years.

Be honest with yourself about money, health, marriage, children, jobs, friends, peace and joy. Often when we imagine ourselves in the future, we see the kind of person we want to be, but people very seldom have a plan to get there. If we are truthful with ourselves, we should ask ourselves if I keep doing what I am doing, thinking like I am thinking and living like I am living, what can I really expect to be different about my life in 10 years?

I suggest (to myself first) that we should all take a serious inventory of our lives and ask ourselves if we stay on this path, will we improve our life? I believe it is a great thing when someone can say honestly say, yes, I am living my life in a manner that will put me in 10 years where I think God is leading me.

Everything about goals really involves small changes in small amounts on a daily basis. Take the fact that I need to lose some weight. It’s very true. I have no doubt that if I started eating differently and stopped eating some things, I could improve my health and extend my life. It’s really pretty simple math, but it’s not simple to begin. It never is.

Most people want the entire change to happen in a week, but life doesn’t work that way. So, let’s all see in our mind’s eye the vision (dream) of who we want to become and start the process of putting ourselves in position to realize that dream and be that person. God would tell us that our history, past experiences, and past failures should be just thatHistory. God is about today and tomorrow and becoming what he wants us to be.

So, I would say to all of us, choose and choose well because our future depends on it. KT

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