You have heard people say that we will never cause change in our life until we make the decision to do so? I want to expound on that just a little,

I have only seen what I am going to try and describe only a few times in my life. I had a friend who was in a very complicated and complex area of commercial real estate, and he went on to become the nationally recognized authority in his field. I knew him before and after this transformation. I was close to him when this shift occurred, and I have thought about this many times. What he did was almost biblical in nature, and I don’t use that term lightly. One day he was like everyone else and the next day he was different. The only explanation I have is that he just decided one night he was the authority, not going to try and be, but was. It was the single most amazing transformation of a person’s mindset I had ever witnessed first-hand.

There is a vast divide between becoming something and being something. He decided he was that person and from that day forward he acted like he was and guess what; he became that person. I saw it change how he handled every client, every call, and every interaction in the business. He was like a totally different person.

Zig Zigler used to tell people his wife was a decided red head. He said she just decided one day to be a redhead. It’s the same type thing I am talking about.  As we look at our lives I think of areas like relationships, money, work ethic, production, marriage, parenthood, health, career, and we never make changes until we decide to make a change. That said, have you ever just decided that you are something that you weren’t yesterday? When we do make those levels of decisions it changes our life. Like deciding one day you are a good father or mother and it’s amazing how you began acting like that. It you want to be a runner, decide that you are a runner and yes, it will still hurt as much when you start but your mind set will be different. God has given us an amazing mental capacity, but most people don’t use all its resources. Pick out some change you want to make and just decide you are that person, and you will see what I mean. KT

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