Locking eyes with your dog

We have two little hammerhead dogs that I love. They do three things very well. Eat, pee, and show you love. That’s it. They are always ready for one of those three things.

The thing about dogs is, they can see into your soul. They know who you really are, and they never judge you. They know if you are kind or cruel, truth teller or liar, honest or dishonest. When they look at you in the eyes, they really see you.

One of our dogs is a little fat Sheltie that is my buddy. It doesn’t matter what kind of day I have had; he is always there to settle me and always forgiving and, in a sense, show unconditional love. He doesn’t do tricks, in fact, I can’t get him to fetch to save my life. When I say fetch and throw the ball, he hears, I love boy and just stay right here with me. Ha

There are several examples of true unconditional love in our lives. A love so strong that it will never break regardless of our actions. That is the way a dog looks at you. Total unconditional love. It tickles me sometimes when both dogs are laying in the floor without a care in the world. Just happy to be there and always ready for a scratch or a treat.

Our other dog is a four-pound Yorkie who thinks she is the ruler and boss of the world. She manhandles that little fat Sheltie like a sponge ball. He just lets her do what she is going to do and roles with the punches. The thing about both dogs is, every night they both want to be held a little and scratched and they reciprocate with those eyes that say, I love you. It is easy to see why dogs become like part of your family and while they don’t usually live past their teens, if you measured life by pure enjoyment, they all live to be 100 years old. KT

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