Want to be good at big things? Focus on the little things

If you want to be ready when the big things and big decisions come along, focus on the little things first. Being competent in the small things builds confidence in your heart to better handle the big things. Many small tasks are not seen by other people, but you still know in your heart if you did it right. It is that knowing that builds your self-esteem and self-confidence so when the big things come along, you are better prepared to handle them.

Years ago, I was the chairman of deacons at my church and one of the responsibilities was to cover the notes and minutes from one meeting to the next. I asked this retired State Trooper friend to handle the minutes for the deacons. The next deacon meeting rolled around and I asked this gentleman to give a report on the minutes and it was so well written and well prepared I was stunned. The level of detail in his report was impressive. I thought to myself, here is a man that gives great attention to every detail, and he probably handles everything in his life the same way. It made an impression on me and taught me a lesson that I have never forgotten. If there was ever a big assignment that was needed, he would be the guy I would go to.

Think of your job/business and how you handle the small things. If you are dismissive on the little things there is probably a chance you are the same way with the big things. When you do well on the little things, even when no one is watching, it simply changes how you approach all decisions, all tasks, and all assignments. Therefore, if you want to handle the important decisions well, be thorough in the little things and you would be surprised how many people ask you to handle larger things, including God. KT

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