Boundless Love

Boundless love is a love without boundaries. Let me say that again. It is a love that literally has no bounds. It is not contained within any limits. It is perfect, pure, always, bold, exact, transparent, fearless, complete, confident, without judgment and it is everything you will ever need. Boundless love is always and forevermore.

This type of love is not based on any measurement or conditions. It is truly and fully unconditional and cannot be measured. Boundless love is forgiving to point that the debt is already forgiven even before it happens. It is a love that is so pure, nothing or no one can stop it.

All of our relationships except for our children are based on boundaries and conditions and acceptable behavior. When you look at your brother, brother in-law, or parents, they all come with conditions and a performance clause. These close family relationships can get into trouble if certain lines are ever crossed. I personally know all too well how these relationships can be hurt and non-repairable because again, they are based on performance and conditions.

As a parent, when I look at my two daughters and two granddaughters, the love I have for them is perfect and without condition. It is boundless love. I would die in the street protecting them with my life and I would not think twice about it. There is nothing I would not do as a father to keep them safe.

Boundless love is best described as the love your heavenly father has for you. He already knows today every sin and mistake you are going to make in your life and he has already forgiven you today of all future sins and mistakes even before they happen. There is nothing and no one that can pull you away from your father’s love.

We all need someone who will never change and truly believes in us, forgives us, holds us, loves us, leads us and is right there beside us every step we take in life. His name is Almighty God and he is the great “I AM,” meaning that he is everything you will ever need. KT

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