Struggling with issues

Most of us have one area in our life where we are the most vulnerable and where we experience the most fear, anxiety and even loss of control. For some it is a sin like alcohol, drugs, lying, cheating etc. For others is an entirely different thing that has a pull, draw or weight on our lives that we deal with on a daily basis. It could be worry, fear, anxiety, over eating, under eating, weight, emotional instability, how you look, how you dress, what others think of you etc. The list could go on forever because there is usually no real “thing” that is causing these emotions other than years ago letting it get started in our minds and allowing it to continue in our lives today.

For me, I guess I am a super human because I have more than one. Ha. It is hard for me to just “be.” I have a family member that is just happy letting life run its course and he is at peace all the time. He is happy and life doesn’t stress him out. As much as I wished I was like that, I simply am not. I also over eat at times and I can let anxiety sometimes have a place in my thoughts.

There is a thing that we all have that we struggle with. I believe if you identify that thing and call it by name, you will have the foundation to begin rooting it out of your life.

This may sound funny and strange to you, but when I get angry or hurt by someone, I have found that if I call that thing at the root of the anger or hurt by name, it loses a lot of steam. By way of example I have had situations where the root of my anger is actually my own insecurity or jealousy. Trust me, those are hard feelings to identify because it is much easier to put the blame on the other person. When I am alone and say out loud, “I am angry because of X” and put a name to the feelings, the anger somehow loses it hold.

If you called your stumbling block by its honest name and root cause, you will be amazed at how much easier and clearer you can see past it. KT

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