Your imagination

This is important. Our imagination is an incredible and extremely powerful tool and it can be used to lift you up or to tear you down. There have been many many books written on the subject but every one of those ideas were birthed in the book of proverbs in the bible. Without writing 40 pages on this subject, the short explanation is that you are and you will become the image you see of yourself. If you see yourself failing, you most likely will fail. Your self-image could be the most powerful weapon outside of prayer, you have that determines your future. Create some positive imagines of yourself and reflect on them every day. We all struggle with the failure images in various areas of our life so why not create some positive ones that you can think about also.

This is not some hocus pocus TV evangelistic magic. This is why God gave you a mind, heart and soul that is more powerful than anything man will ever invent. In the King James Version of the bible, 1 Timothy 4:15 says “meditate upon these things (means uplifting things), give yourself wholly to them that thy profiting may appear (be shown) to all.” Your imagination and your thoughts are powerful and ask God to help you find some good images that lift up your spirit.

I can’t say I do this every time because I don’t but I have had times when my mind is idling and an image of something bad happening just pops up. In those moments I try to imagine something great and uplifting to counter act the earlier image. I go to sleep every night thinking about the White Christmas Movie because it is happy, clean, peaceful and joyful. If I don’t think about that movie, my minds starts on all the things I need to do the next day and who said what and who did what and yada yada yada. Therefore I force myself to concentrate on that old movie because it helps me shut down worrisome thoughts. As you know I sell hotels, and the funny thing is when I think about that movie, I imagine that I have just bought the “Columbia Inn” in Pine Tree VT and as I am walking through the hotel I see that all the cloths, furniture, movie props and the old woody car were all left there just as they were in the movie.

Your mind and your imagination are powerful things and we should use them to create uplifting images that bolster our spirit rather than letting our minds give us an image of failure. Be bold. KT

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