Recognizing the gift of today

We get caught up in life and forget to recognize that one day, what we see today will be over. When you are in it, you sometimes take for granted the gift that today really is.

I was getting ready for work today and thinking about our company, office, people and my role within the company. Then the thought struck me that in 10 years from now it may all be gone. The magic, the people, the company may not even exist. I may even drive by the office building and long for the times that I am in today. Today will not last and a day will come when I will wish that I had today again. I want to say that again. Today will not last and a day will come when I will wish that I had today again.

It is much like the same feeling you get when you drive by homes where you used to live. In some cases it is the home where you grew up or the home you lived in when you just got married or the dorm room you had at college. It is all memories and some of those are good and you want to remember all the details and some of those are not so good and you want to forget.

A year or so ago I took a drive around to some of the homes where Elaine and I have lived since we have been married. While I was looking at the homes, I remembered the ages of my daughters and the activities of our life while living there and remembering some special moments that occurred there. I suppose that is what life is like in that we many times don’t recognize the beauty and gift until that period is over.

Look your surroundings, your family, your job, your age and take it all in and recognize the beautiful gift that today is. KT

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  1. It is wonderful that you are able to recognize the beauty of the “now”. I failed to see the beauty of a lot of “today’s” until my health was compromised and I might not have been able to have any more “today’s”. I am so thankful for EVERY day that I wake up. Praise God.

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