Nothing new under the sun

Ecclesiastes was written in 250 BC by Solomon who was the wisest and most wealthy person that has ever lived. In verse 1:9 it says; “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again, there is nothing new under the sun.”

Have you ever seen a house with rust color carpet or harvest gold fixtures from 1970 that now is back in style? Take cloths designs that circle back around every 20-30 years or the retro house designs and mid-century modern furniture that is now all the rage. The list could go on for pages. The point is to just keep everything because it may eventually come back in style. ha

With COVID, many families in society stepped back into a simpler lifestyle. More time with the children, gardens, walks, alone time, reading more, family time and most of all spending far less time on the phone and internet. Actually, talking to each other. These are just a few examples that echo what Solomon wrote in Ecclesiastes.

In many commercial real estate segments and markets, COVID has caused many commercial investments like hotels, office, retail etc. to go back to the performance levels of the 1990’s. Many markets like New York and Chicago have stepped back into the crime history last seen in the 1980’s where people were afraid to walk down the street.

The point of the scripture is that there is really nothing new that is every truly new. It might be new how you access it but take social media as example, people are doing the same things they have done for 100 years, they just have the internet platform to talk about. It seems new but it is still old stuff. Take Amazon as example, the mail order concept it not new. Sears and Montgomery Ward started doing mail order 100 years ago. Amazon just does it better and faster than Sears did it, but the idea is not new.

People basically have the same feelings, emotions, wants desires, needs as they have had since creation and will continue to have for the future. I was talking with this hotel guy recently that wants to develop a mid-century hotel concept where guests can experience what it was like in 1960. No internet, no 60-inch plasma TV. Just a bed, pleasant people, good food, a land line phone and a swimming pool. Ha I believe I would like to go there for a few days and leave the rapid life pace behind.

Remember, hang on to those bell bottom pants, original Levi’s and that double-knit shirt.

4 thoughts on “Nothing new under the sun

  1. Excellent wisdom. Please double check your dates. I saw one internet source that placed Ecclesiastes around 250 BC as you suggested, but Solomon lived around 1000 BC. also remember, there was 400 years of silence when no scripture was written between the old and new testaments, so I would disagree with the 250 BC date. Keep writing. I do enjoy these posts!

    1. Thank you Dennis. You are probably correct about the timeline. Hope your family are all good and safe. Best. KT

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