My office at home

My favorite room in our home is my office. When we built the house I designed it just the way I wanted it with built in book shelves, three side by side windows and it is painted hunter green with green berber carpet. In case you didn’t pick up on this, my favorite color is green.

The shelves are covered with things and items that mean something to me and things which have had an impact on my life. There are reminders of the time when we were broke that I keep very close to me so that I will always be reminded of the grace of God that brought us through that period. There are items from my childhood, watches that have belonged to parents and grandparents and a gold pocket railroad watch that that belonged to my dad’s family. There are books, mementoes from various periods in my life as well as items that are more current. I have many books on life leadership from Abraham Lincoln to Sam Walton and many books on muscle cars and automobile history.

I have pictures of my daughters through the years and notes that they written to me as well as I have the high school picture of my wife, who I met in high school. There are also many many diacast model cars and trucks from muscle cars to vintage trucks. In case I didn’t tell you, I love cars and trucks. Ha

Along one wall is a framed announcement of the first 56 hotels I sold. When I look at that wall I can remember every one of them and who the client was. That wall represents the start of what has become my career. I am also very aware that one day the sales will end and all I will have is the memories of the career. I am thankful to God for leading me into the line of work I have been blessed to be in.

This room carries many great moments and memories for me. When I walk in, it is almost like my life is on the walls and the shelves. They speak to me about God’s grace and God’s timing.

What I like most about the room is that it represents where I have come from but it also represents where I am going. I hope and trust there will be many more items added to the shelves and pictures added to the walls of future memories that will be made. When I pass away, I know most of these things and items will be boxed up done away with because they have meaning only for me. Many of these items will not mean much to my children because with each item, I carry the memory of what they mean. I want my children and grandchildren to have their own walls and shelves of things that mean something to them that represents their life.

Everyone should have a place where they keep the memories and mementoes of their life. I guess you could call my office the green room but I call it my place and my spot. KT

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