Heavenly Bellboy

For some people, they view God as just a heavenly bellboy to meet their wants and desires and to do so when they want it. As anyone who has ever prayed knows, this is not how it works.

Sure, prayer involves talking to God and expressing what you are asking for, but it also should involve praise, thanksgiving, and worship. Philippians 4:4-7 is one of the best passages on peace, contentment, joy, and prayer. Upon close review one will see that the largest meaning of the passage is what moves God to act on our behalf. Not what we want or need. It says to rejoice in the lord and to make our supplications (desires) known while expressing thanksgiving for what he has already done.

Its like the child that asked for something, and you give them what they are asking for. It hurts the parent’s heart when the child does this over and over without thanking the parent for what they have already given. I imagine it is much the same with God when we use our prayer time like we are calling a bellboy for service.

Sometimes the fragrance/aroma that pleases God the most is when we come to him with thanksgiving and not just our list of wants and desires. KT

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