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17 days

17 days is the average length of time it takes for something to become a habit or adopted into the fabric of our daily lives. The story is told of a guy who made a New Year’s resolution to get in shape and lose weight. He goes to the local gym on January 2nd to pay for a new membership. There are so many people he can’t even work out. The manager comes over and tells him to come back in two weeks and the crowd will be gone because they will give up their New Year’s resolutions.

Isn’t that how it is for many of us in areas of life? “ I’m going to start leaving the officer earlier, we are going to budget our income, I’m going to be more present with my children, we are going to save more and spend less, I am going to get in shape, I’m going back to school, I’m going to paint the house, I’m going to be a better husband and dad, we are going to travel more, I’m going to read more, I’m going to,,,,” you fill in the blank.

I find that when you set a new initiative or goal the first several days are great and you have visions of being or doing exactly what you set out to do. Then comes day four and you say, “it won’t hurt if I skip one day. I have done good for three days and I deserve a day off.” When you give in to that thought, you are already on your way to day six or seven when you quit entirely.

If you can hold it together for 17 days you very likely will find on day 18 that you no longer dread it and in fact, began to enjoy it. I don’t know this to be true, but I suspect that if it takes you 17 days to develop a good habit it also takes you 17 days to get a bad habit out of your system. Just saying. KT


People by their very nature are leaners. Things we hide behind, lean on, or crutches we use. The following are examples of things people lean on: looks, education, history, talents, money, weight, health, looks, titles, speech, status, possessions, family, things, cars etc. etc. The list could go on for pages. The point is we all subconsciously lean on something to help us navigate through life.

The difficulty in life comes when that thing or things we have leaned on, goes away. I think it is important to make sure what you are leaning on for support, will last. History is of full of wealthy people that leaned on their money and when it went away, they were adrift. Your appearance and health are two things that could change on one bad report from the doctor. Titles, status, possessions, and things could be here today and gone tomorrow. If what you have built your personality and life around suddenly changes, what do you do?

I believe we shouldn’t build our house (our life) on the sand. We need a firm foundation that will not change. The house built on the sand may look just as great as the house built on the rock for a while, but as we all know in life, looks can be deceiving. Sometimes the very thing that looked so good may lose its luster after time. In life we need to choose well and select a foundation that will stand the test of time. Jesus said, “I am the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.” That sounds like the kind of foundation we all need to choose. KT  


Do you know what the quickest and most immediate emotion we as humans have?  Vengeance. It’s not, love, desire, temptation, anger, or any number of other emotions. It is the emotion to get back at someone.

Think of the last time someone cut you off on the highway for no real reason. What did you almost instantly want to do? I know, it has happened to me to. Ha. Vengeance can (if not controlled) take a very sharp turn before you even know it. One minute you are content and happy and the next, you are plotting how to get that person back.

Romans 12:17-19 – New Living Translation 17 Never pay back evil with more evil. Do things in such a way that everyone can see you are honorable. 18 Do all that you can to live in peace with everyone.19 Dear friends, never take revenge. Leave that to the righteous anger of God. “I will take revenge; I will pay them back,”[a]says the Lord.

This does not mean to lay down and let people run over you. Stand up for what you believe and be bold in everything you do but when someone says something or does something meant to hurt you, don’t repay them with the same hurtful things. Be better than that. Be noble and honorable and God will work it out. Someone lies about you, don’t go to social media and blister them. Be better than them.

Elaine and I were coming home from the lake house yesterday (Sunday) and this guy is all over my rear bumper and then he cuts to the right and comes slinging around me with his arm out the window flipping me off. The funny thing was he was wearing a dress shirt with cuff links and a suit jacket,,,, meaning he had just come from church. Ha

Be quick to forgive minor slights and petty words and stay off Facebook and life will be much more content. KT

What If?

When we look back over situations and seasons in our life, we can see how certain events have shaped our future. Sometimes when we are in the middle of those seasons, it is hard, if not impossible, to see how it may change your life for the good. Many times, that is exactly what happens.

There have been so many of those “look back” moments that led me to where I am today, it would be impossible to name them all. When change in the form of adversity, knocks on your door, it may just be “opportunity” dressed up to look like adversity.

One year when I was still in the Navy, we were mobilized for a two-week drill with the Marine Corps in Twentynine Palms California. The name Twentynine Palms sounds like it is a beautiful place, but it was lipstick on a pig. The base was in middle of the Mojave Desert, and we were in tents for two weeks and It was 125-135 degrees each day. I was in a camp with all my buds and one day my captain came and told me he was moving me to another camp to assist. I thought, “oh no” this was going to be terrible, but it turned out to be much better and I even got to go home two days before my buds.

The day I left JLL as a managing director was a bleak day and I simply could not see the future. It was that leaving that launched Hotel AG and put me and my family where we are today. Yes, it was adversity standing in my doorway leaving JLL, but opportunity was standing right behind it.

I have many stories from, marriage, homes, work, career etc. that all resonate the same way. All those parts and pieces led/guided me to where I am today. Likewise, all your parts and pieces have guided you to where you are today.

When adversity knocks, open the door and say hello because it very well may be the beginning of something good. KT

The emotional side of real estate

In commercial real estate (especially hotels) there are some who think it is all about numbers, yield, return on investment etc. I am here to tell you it is not. Sure, numbers and financial history are important, but it is much more emotional than people think.

For the seller, it is often difficult. If the offers come in low, he is dealing with why everyone thinks his baby is ugly and how that makes him feel. If the offers come in high, he may be tempted so say to himself, “if it is worth that much now, just think what it could be worth in the future.” The buyer is dealing with a completely different set of emotions such as, “will other people think I have paid too much?” Is this really the hotel I want to own long term?” “What if I make a mistake or miss something?”

The third hotel I ever sold was a little independent hotel in Ellijay Georgia. I had zero training on the emotional/ human side of the real estate business. I had to just make it up as I went. We had the hotel listed and got an offer at the asking price. I just knew that if I called the seller and told him about the offer he would think, “since the buyer offered the asking price, I’ll just increase my price.”  I needed to keep that from happening. I decided to go see him and explain to him that it wasn’t just the buyer paying the asking price, rather it was the months of working with the buyer and earning his trust, that enabled me to guide the buyer. It wasn’t the property; it was the relationship that resulted in a full price cash offer. Big difference. The seller understood what I was trying to say and agreed to go forward with the sale at the offered price.

That was my first introduction into the mind set of sellers and buyers and it has helped me through all these years. Buyers buy what they want, not what they need. Sellers sell what they want to sell, not what they need to sell. How they “feel” about the sale or the buy, drives every decision. Yes, it is a numbers games but just like when you buy a house or a car, the most important factor is when you visualize yourself living in that house or driving that car. It is the same with hotel sellers and buyers, they need to visualize the deal in order to move forward. Understanding the emotional/ human side of selling and buying is probably the greatest thing a broker could ever learn. Much of life’s decisions come down to how you feel about it, and this is certainly true with hotel sales. KT