41st day

The story of David and Goliath in the bible is about a teenage boy named David who killed the Giant that was taunting the Israelite army. There is way too much to unpack in that story for one blog post but the title 41st day is important.

The Israelite army was camped on one side of a valley and the Philistine army was on the other side. Goliath was a 9-foot 9-inch Philistine Giant who would come out each morning for 40 days in a row and taunt the Israelite army to send one man down to fight to the death.

Main side note – The giants in our lives don’t just taunt/temp us one day, they come every day.

David was a teenage boy (15-19 years old) and went to see his brothers in the army and bring them food when he heard Goliath threaten the Israelite army. I will skip past the details but basically David told the king he could kill the Giant. The 41st day was the last day the giant lived because David (a boy) took a slingshot and while running toward (not away from) the giant he landed his first shot in the forehead of the giant, killing him.

We could talk about that story for years and still not cover it all, but the point of the blog is that we all have giants in our lives. Fear, failure, anxiety, intimidation, self-confidence, sin, temptation, lies etc. These giants in our lives (in my opinion) don’t just come out once and taunt/ temp us and then leave and go away. They seem to come over and over until you kill it for good. While the entire Israelite army watched from the sidelines, David picked up five smooth stones and put one in his slingshot and the bible said he ran toward (no fear) the giant and with all his strength let the stone go and killed the giant before he could even react.

When you are faced with a giant in your life, I believe the metaphor of the story is not to hide in fear, rather get up, brush yourself off and run toward the giant and kill it for good. KT

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