If you were looking in the mirror, and no one was listening, would you say you are happy? The word happy doesn’t mean giddy or bubbly. Its means to be content. Contentment is that thing inside you that is quiet, calm, and peaceful. Are you content with your life?

Yesterday I was on a call and the client asked how I was doing. I said “fantastic” and he said, “Keith you always say that.” I told him it was true because I drove past three graveyards this morning on the way to the office and my name wasn’t in there. He said, “well when you look at it that way, I am fantastic too.”

That is the first point and it is life changing. You are alive and you get to decide your life and its future. If I didn’t say anything else in this blog, really embracing this concept is an enormous step. If you are alive, you get to choose. If your name is already in the graveyard you are only remembered for the person you were. Being alive allows you to become the person you want to be.

The second thing is to get by yourself and take an actual piece of paper and an actual pen and write down all the things you are blessed with. All the things you are thankful for. Basically, take an inventory of your heart. My guess is when you finish that piece of paper you will feel better about your life. We all struggle with various things during various seasons of our life, but just like the seasons of the year, they change. The season you may be in today doesn’t mean you will be in that season in three months or next year.

Being honest with yourself on these two very simple steps may help you regain your balance, find some contentment, and possibly may result in a renewed level of happiness that you have been trying to find. It is not a find all, fix all, but rather a start. The bible says that out of the abundance of your heart, your mouth speaks. Meaning if you fill your heart with strife, anger, and anxiety, that is what will come out of your mouth. If you don’t believe it, look at the last week and ask yourself what have I been saying? If you change what is in your heart, you will change your life. KT

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  1. AMEN!!!!!!! Before I even open my eyes in the morning when I realize I am awake, I thank God for another day to make a difference in my own life and the lives of others. Then I go through my mile long list of things I am thankful for and this goes on after I am out of bed, showering, getting ready for the day and even through out the day.

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