The other side of fear

I read a quote recently that said, many of our deepest dreams are only found on the other side of fear. Many people (especially men) will never admit that this is the case, but it is. Their fear could be some past failure or emotional setback, a feeling of being unworthy, self-esteem anxiety and the list could on for pages. Men are complex individuals and more times than not; the outside person is different from the inside person. Men especially, cover or hide their fear under layers of other achievements.

Fear (of failure) is that thing that holds many people back from trying. It is easier to dissolve into the space you are comfortable in than stretch outside that zone. Don’t laugh, but email and text could be the greatest fear enablers ever created. Before email, and way before text, if you wanted to get something done, you had to meet with or verbally talk to someone. Not so with email. People are able to hide behind that screen and never have to face the personal connection that comes with an actual conversation or an actual meeting.

I am often amused at our business now versus 25 years ago. Do you know that before websites, emails, texts, chats, invites etc., we sold as many hotels then as we do now? One would think that with all the communications methods we have today, the production would double or triple. Not so. The other day I had a call with someone I had never met. I got on the phone and ask the person of they had an iPhone. They said yes and then I told them I was going to request face time. They paused and were like well,,,, ok, I guess. The result was amazing because I could see that person and that person could see me. The reason for the call was heading to be a conflict but once the person could see me and visa-versa, the stress just dissipated and got resolved. 25 years ago, that was how everything was handled.

An amazing thing happens when a person looks in the mirror and acknowledges to themselves that are afraid of failing in a certain area. A double amazing thing happens when that person tells God (he already knows anyway) about a fear and ask him to give them the courage to face that fear.  KT

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