Going from cool to classy

There comes a time when you stop being cool and you need to move into being classy. I am clearly 20-25 years past the point of being cool, therefore the only option is to age with class.

Earlier today I was with one of my son in-laws looking at a car at CarMax. I looked around the lot at all kinds of hip and fancy cars and I amused myself thinking which of the cars I could drive and not feel like a goober in. One the cars was sleek and fancy and I tried to imagine driving it at my age and the only image I could come up with was a pig wearing a wrist watch. I would look as out of place in that car as a pig would look wearing a watch. Ha

Life is full of cycles and changes and I suspect the objective is to move gracefully from one to the other without looking like goober. I have a friend who is 68 years old and he went out and bought a new neon yellow corvette. The funny thing is he thinks he looks good driving it but doesn’t know that other people are snickering at him. Take a 911 Porsche for example, I would love to have a 1965-1966 911 because of it being vintage and an old school show car. That would be fun to own and fun to drive. That said, if I went out and bought a new 911, I would look like the preverbal pig wearing a watch. Some things just don’t go together and should not happen.

One of my greatest mentors in life taught me this a long time ago. He said, you will age and the cycles of life will change and you need to be aware when they do. It’s like the old guy at the beach wearing a speedo because he still thinks he looks young. Someone needs to pull him aside and help him understand that when all your hair is gone, your backside looks like a frog standing up, (got that image?) your arms and neck jiggle when you walk and your belly is hanging over your speedo, it is time to put on more clothes and change your beach wardrobe.

So moving from cool to classy happens to everyone and the objective is to know when it is happening and adjust your decisions to reflect what age appropriate looks like. Can I hear an amen? KT

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