At the top and at the bottom

God will be with you at the top of life’s achievements, accomplishments and joy and he will also be with you at the bottom. He is always with you even though you may not realize it.

Life is funny in that when things are going well it is easy to think you have it under control. In these situations people pray less and call on him less because they forget who is in control. God of course hears the cries and prayers from people who find themselves at the bottom of life’s cycles but while I don’t know if this is true, I suspect that the sweetest fragrance and the sweetest words spoken are when his people come to him in the good moments of life with thanksgiving.

Giving thanks in advance is one of the cornerstones of a life of faith. Many times in the New Testament it speaks of calling those things that be not “AS” through they were. Calling things in advance is one of the greatest expressions of faith that exist. It is the act of praying over a situation and thanking God during that same prayer for his answer. Spiritually speaking, it tells God not only that you have the need but that you have the faith in him to answer the need. If you think about in the natural realm, it is weird. It is like you asking someone for something and then thanking them in advance of their answer. In the spirit realm it is not weird at all because faith is the one thing that moves God. In almost every example in the bible God waited for the people to ask him before he intervened in their situation.

Take the story in the bible about the woman with the issue of blood that Jesus healed in the street. The reality is that Jesus passed by everyone else on the street that day because she was the only one who ask and acted in faith. The hard truth is that Jesus will watch from the sidelines of your life until you call on him. Let me say that again, the hard truth is that Jesus will watch from the sidelines of your life until you call on him.

My advice is to call him when you see the storms of life from a long way off and not wait until you are getting wet. Call him early and call him often. He already knows what is going on but it is your faith that moves him in your direction. KT

3 thoughts on “At the top and at the bottom

  1. Hallelujah ——this message just makes me want to shout. As a matter of fact her in my home while reading it I did just that. I cannot tell you the number of times that God has moved in my life just by asking Him in advance.
    Great delivery Keith. I love you.

  2. Amen to the comment above. The Lord sometime ago put a message in my heart for the Women’s group at church, the title is “Our God is a motion activated God”. One day I was in a bathroom at the Dr office and the water at the sink was motion activated, the paper towel was motion activated and I begin thinking about the scripture you talked about, then more and more came to mind how the Father waits for us to ask and move first. Thank you son for being who you are, I love you much.

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