Getting the files in order

Several weeks ago, I completed something I have needed to do for years. I have many files in my home office regarding financial accounts, insurance policies, estate, wills, personal information etc. I personally know where everything is at and how to find it, but should something happen to me, it would be very complicated for my family to understand and access everything.

Years ago, I planned to put together one file with all the overviews, details and contact information so should the lord call me home, Elaine can pull that one file and know everything she would need and have access to.

Since I have had more time on my hands lately (ha,) I decided to tackle this objective. It took me several days to get everything down into one document that is easy to understand and tells where everything is at.

This is estate planning as its finest. The last thing I want my family to struggle with should something happen to me is where everything is at and how to find it. Regardless of the size of your estate or the simplicity or complexity, it makes sense to get all your affairs in order. It helps you feel more in control and will help you rest easier. KT

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