Forgetting who we are

I want to talk a little gospel here. For those reading this blog and are uninterested (that’s ok) in this subject, the next blog should be out soon.

Regarding the subject, “forgetting who we are,” I am the chief offender among us. We are children of the almighty and the almighty lives within us. He is right there inside you.

We often get enamored with families that are wealthy and leave a huge inheritance of money, influence, and opportunity to their children. I have several such clients now that are young and stepped into the family business. Financially, they will never lack for anything, and it almost seems unfair.

In my business there are the people who are so well known and carry such an influence in our industry that at conferences they are the people everyone wants to speak with. Clearly that is not me as I am just a little unimportant hotel broker from Georgia.

The subject of this blog post came about this morning as I was thinking about our business and how great it would be to be everything all the clients needed. To be that person. When that thought rolled through my mind, I felt a ping in my spirit. That ping said quietly, I am everything you need to be. I am the one who can turn the hearts and minds of the person you are speaking to. I can take the small and make it large. I can take the lack of confidence and turn it into pure confidence. I can turn the average into someone special. I can open the ears and hearts of anyone you meet. I am everything you will ever need.

After these thoughts, I had to bow my head and say, “forgive me lord for forgetting who I am.”

If you are reading this blog, that is who you are too. You have it all already. Everything you need to be the person God intended for you to be. Think of the kind of man or woman you want to be and today going forward, start to be that person. Believing in your heart that the favor of God goes before you wherever you go and whoever you meet. He gives his very best to his children and wants the very best for his children. You already have it all. KT

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