Barbara (Bobbie) Phillips

Bobbie Phillips was my mother-in-law and she passed away one year ago. In a world where many married children complain about their in-laws on each side, we never had that problem in my family.

I could write for 10 pages about her, but I will keep this to the point. I was fortunate enough to be loved by two mothers, mine, and Elaine’s. As far back as I can remember, when we would see her, she never called me Keith. She always said, “hey son.” I am not sure she ever understood what those two words meant to me. It meant I was loved as a family member.

The most kind, thoughtful, and pure-hearted person I know is my wife, Elaine. Her mother was a close second. See, that is where my wife learned to live life like she does. Our two daughters are just like their mother, kind, thoughtful, wise, and pure-hearted. How we raise our children and the examples we set does in fact have an impact on the people our children become.

When Elaine and I were dating (started in high school) I was just a kid who had left home and supported myself. Many times, just barely making it. Bobbie Phillips would always have food for me every time I went over to Elaine’s home. She knew. I cannot express what that one kind gesture from her mother meant to a young boy who could have gone either way in life. It was her example that made me want to be a better man and showed me how life was done. Not one time did she ever talk badly about life and the issues she endured taking care of her husband for 11 years after his accident. She simply never complained out loud.

She was dearly loved by all her family and also especially by me. There are not enough adjectives to really tell the world the kind of woman she was but If you looked up the word ‘mother’ in the dictionary, it should have her picture beside the word. KT

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