We have all read Christmas articles and reminders of what the season means but I want to tell you a short story that may help you choose, yes choose, joy in this hectic time.

I have a friend in his 40’s that was doing perfectly well at Thanksgiving. I saw him and talked to him, and all seemed well. He started feeling bad and called for an appointment with his doctor. They found cancer all over his internal organs and today, he probably has a few weeks to live. All of this in four weeks.

Everyone of us is one bad diagnosis or one middle of the night knock at the door away from life crushing down on us. Take this season and choose to be with your family and look them all in the eyes and tell them you love them. Hug them and kiss them and make sure they have no doubt of your love. Sit in your chair, start a fire in your fireplace and really have a conversation with God thanking him for the joys of this season. Merry Christmas. KT

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